System Design

Roofing and waterproofing are an integral part of building structures. Whether roofing or waterproofing has failed prematurely or it has simply reached the end of its serviceable life, this failure results in; damage to the structure, inconvenience and disruption of occupants and damage to building contents.

Honza Group’s expertise is working with architects and building owners in developing repair or reroofing designs to fit the needs of a particular building, The four fundamental factors to consider and address in a roof system design are: (1) proper selection of materials, (2) detailing of the project, (3) application specifications, and (4) prequalification of contractors. Honza Group provides independent unbiased information to assist architects and building owners in selecting the best system for their needs.

Honza Group provides thorough on-site verification of existing conditions. The buildings history is researched by visually examining the building’s interior and exterior, reviewing the original building drawings, and interviewing key building personnel. Core cuts are taken at numerous locations to verify conditions. This information provides the necessary information to more accurately design the project with minimized changes during construction.

With information developed from the discovery and verification phase, the roofing/waterproofing options are developed and presented to the client. Roof system evaluations consist of a listing of advantages and disadvantages given site conditions, initial costs and expected serviceable life. Honza Group will provide guide specifications and detailing.

Honza Group’s experience in the roofing and waterproofing industry is of value to clients in soliciting bids from qualified contractors capable of constructing the membrane assembly specified. Thorough construction documents, typically reviewed with contractors at a pre-bid meeting, provides the owner with more competitive bidding.

As a follow-up to the design service, clients are encouraged to have some form of site compliance inspections performed during construction.