Survey and Evaluation

Honza Group has the knowledge of the multitude of roofing systems and the experience in dealing with them to effectively evaluate the membrane’s condition. A survey and evaluation is an appraisal of the membrane condition and adjoining surfaces that can impact the membrane performance, which provides the owner with the information needed to effectively maintain their roofing and waterproofing assemblies.

A survey and evaluation of a roofing and/or waterproofing system is beneficial in identifying;

  • adjacent surfaces that impact the water tightness of the membrane
  • membrane components and conditions
  • membrane system of attachment
  • causes of water entry
  • maintenance or repair items

As an independent organization, Honza Group can provide an unbiased recommendation for repairs or replacement.

After the survey is completed, Honza Group prepares a comprehensive report for the client. The report includes an analysis of membrane conditions, recommended maintenance, repairs or replacement. Probable costs or construction estimates can also be provided, if requested.

Infrared or Electronic Leak Detection can be completed to generate additional, non-destructive test results. This testing would be useful when considering a roof-over versus a tear-off and replacement.