Failure Investigation / Leak Investigation

A roofing or waterproofing system investigation is performed during or after roof installation and is completed to identify the cause of the problem. The results of the investigation describe the contributing and underlying factors behind the poor performance of the membrane assembly. The information gathered during an investigation enables Honza Group personnel to determine the most effective course of action. There are three basic reasons for conducting these failure investigations, which ascertain and fully document the underlying causes of the problems.

In the first situation the building owner or manager has received conflicting information from contractors and manufacturers regarding the cause of the problem. Honza Group as an independent party examines the existing conditions and sorts through the information to obtain the actual cause.

Another reason for an investigation involves a problem without a known cause. This is the most difficult and comprehensive type of investigation because everything is suspect until the cause is determined. Honza Group personnel have the expertise to systematically develop the information to identify the cause or causes of the problem.

The third reason for an investigation can occur when there is a known loss from a sudden or catastrophic event such as wind, hail, fire, etc. Honza Group personnel works with owners, insurance companies, or contractors to verify the nature, cause and extent of any damage. Possible underlying contributing factors such as substandard design, worksmanship or materials are also determined.