Other Services

Infrared Thermography Testing

Infrared Thermographic testing is yet another way to determine survey breaches as it  can visually identify many surface issues. This  non-invasive process can detect and identify hidden areas of  trapped water, missing or degraded insulation, defects, curtain walls and air leakage from windows and doors. This effective, non-invasive and quick testing method makes it a great alternative if ELD can not be perform due to a surface material. [Read more on non-testable ELD surfaces]



Roofing & Waterproofing Consulting

Honza Group Inc. helps building owners resolve roofing problems. They perform complete roof analysis, testing, bid documentation, project management and quality assurance so your roof system project is the correct solution, with respect to materials, workmanship and price.


Your roof is a very vulnerable component of your building shell. It is affected by a complex interaction of design conditions, mechanical damage, and exposure to the element form the day of installation. All these factors act to begin to break down the waterproofing integrity of your roof. While there are a multitude of roofing systems available to address different roofing demands, all systems have one thing in common when water or moisture penetrates the system; system integrity is compromised. If detect early, repairs can be made to arrest system degradation before it undermines the integrity of the entire roof.


If you think you have a roofing or waterproofing issue -- feel free to reach out for a free no-obligation meeting to discuss your issue.