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Green Roof Consulting

Green Roof Installation
Sedum Installation - Green Roof

GREENROOF Assemblies are a complex interaction of roofing and landscaping. We must provide a roofing membrane assembly that can withstand the additional demands imposed on it by the soil media and vegetation. This cannot be roofing / waterproofing as usual, the consequences are too costly.

The soil media must provide a root zone that has the properties that balances drainage and moisture retention in a harsh environment.

The vegetation must have a shallow root structure, they must be able to survive in a harsh environment and they must have self sustaining property of regeneration.

Honza Group has over ten (10) years of experience with extensive assemblies. Honza Group has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to provide the necessary information to architects and building owners, assuring them that their GreenRoof will have the proper components to provide a long-lasting, trouble-free installation.


Dave Honza is an Accredited Green Roof Professional who has been active in the vegetated roof movement for over 10 years; acting as course trainer, contributing to the development of 301, and contributing to the Accredited Green Roof Professional Testing.  

Roofing and Waterproofing Consulting

Honza Group Inc. helps building owners resolve roofing problems. They perform complete roof analysis, testing, bid documentation, project management and quality assurance so your roof system project is the correct solution, with respect to materials, workmanship and price.

Your roof is a very vulnerable component of your building shell. It is effected by a complex interaction of design conditions, mechanical damage, and exposure to the element form the day of installation. All these factors act to begin to break down the waterproofing integrity of your roof. While there are a multitude of roofing systems available to address different roofing demands, all systems have one thing in common when water or moisture penetrates the system; system integrity is compromised.

If detect early, repairs can be made to arrest system degradation before it undermines the integrity of the entire roof.

Considerations in selecting a roof:

  • Building Use: Terrace, roof, garage, food preparation, swimming pool (high humidity)
  • Structural/Deck Condition: Structural load capacity, type of deck, condition of these elements
  • Building Movement: Effects of the design and building materials on the building expansion and contraction
  • Entrapped Moisture (Roof Over): Water and/or moisture int he existing system
  • Slope Drainage: Uisng structural slope of tapered insulation to enhance drainage
  • Maintenance Abuse: How often is there traffic on the roof for equipment servicing. Gneeral accessibility.
  • Thermal : Heating/Cooling loads
  • Insurance: Fire and wind
  • Cost: Initial or life cycle

Why you need a consulting firm?

If you are fortunate you don’t need to replace a roof very often, as such you don’t have the in-depth knowledge to make an informed decision.

Don’t spend your valuable time calling contractors for competitive bids. Unless you know and understand what the problems are yourself, each contractor will be bidding on their individual analysis of your problem. They will each have different standards and will either try to underbid the other by under estimating the extent of your repair.

Common problems

  • Not addressing poor drainage
  • Incorrect roof membrane selection given membrane limitations as they relate to the roof needs
  • Minimal standard detailing

Honza group will analyze the existing conditions of your roof, what caused the failure, and will determine what is required to restore you roof for the best long-term results.

Conducting the bidding process

Honza Group manages the bidding process for you. First bidding documentation is generated to ensure that minimal industry standards are properly extended and that all contractors are bidding on the same materials and conditions. All technical questions concerning your project are fielded by Honza Group. You are not burdened with questions you don’t have the expertise or time to answer. Honza Group provides you with complete information so you can intelligently select a contractor who has been thoroughly screened for capability and price.

Project management

Next, Honza Group issues an AIA contract for you, fields contract pay request reviews and conducts the reconstruction meeting to verify that proper practices and procedures are followed.

Preventative maintenance programs

Finally Honza group can implement a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for you. You are contacted automatically for a semi-annual inspection to determine small problems before they become major ones.


  • Roof survey analysis

This comprehensive analysis objectively determines the exact cause and extent of your roof problems. The analysis includes a thorough visual inspection of the membrane, roof penetrations, flashings, adjoining walls and seals, and the supporting deck. Honza group will generate a written report which details the inspection findings, listing immediate corrective actions, maintenance recommendations and budget estimates.

  • Testing

Moisture content testing is needed when trying to determine whether a new roof can be installed over the existing one. Installing a new system over high moisture content substrates inevitably leads to premature failure. Failing such a test justifies a complete tear-off and replacement project.

A variety of testing procedures are available to completely diagnose the condition of your rough. Typical test include; electronic leak detection, electronic impedance, infrared thermagraphy and core cuts.