Low Voltage / Wet Electronic Leak Detection

Depending on the site conditions, low voltage (wet method) electronic leak detection testing could be the best option when trying to determine if/where you have breaches.  Honza Group Inc. will consult with you to see what method makes the most sense.  Below is a brief description of the testing process. 



  • A wire loop, to act as a conductor, is placed directly on the membrane or the membrane's protection course around the perimeter of the area to be tested.
  • One of the two leads from a pulse generator is connected to this wire loop conductor.
  • A second lead from the power supply is grounded to the structural deck. The surface of the waterproofing must be wetted (not flooded) to provide an electrically conductive medium.


  • The power supply generates the potential difference between the wet roof surface and the roof deck, which is "earthed" or grounded - essentially producing two electric plates.
  • If there are any "leaks" or breaches through the roofing/waterproofing membrane, which acts as an electric insulator, the small electric current will flow across the membrane surface and down through the breach, completing the circuit between the two "electric plates."



  • A technician operates the receiver, by systematically moving it along the membrane in order to find even the smallest breach or leak. Once the breach is located, it is marked, photographed, and cataloged.  The breach can then be repaired and quickly retested.



Both methods of testing are equally effective.  It is the job site conditions that dictate the method of Electronic Leak Detection that will be used.

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Downloadable Specifications

Low Voltage Quality Assurance Installation - Initial Testing Only
Waterproof Membrane Quality Assurance Testing (Low Voltage)
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Overburden Test Procedure - Data Sheet
Test Procedure After Overburden Installed
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Low Voltage Quality Assurance Installation - Future Testing
Waterproof Membrane Quality Assurance Testing (Low Voltage) + Future Testing
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