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Specializing in Electronic Leak Detection

Established in 2005 as one of the first Electronic Leak Detection firms in the United States, Honza Group Inc. is a leader in the field with over 8,000 Projects and 200 Million+ square feet tested.

Electronic Leak Detection Testing Methods

There are several different methods of Electronic Leak Detection.  Job site conditions dictate what method should be used. 

Low Voltage /
Wet Testing

Low voltage is the perfect solution when testing wet roofing / waterproofing membranes.

Testing Through Overburden

Electronic leak detection can be completed even after overburden is installed (for example: a green roof).

Smart Roof / Leave Behind System

Get real-time notifications when there is a potential leak. Get 24/7 monitoring and protect your property.

High Voltage /
Dry Testing

High voltage is the perfect solution when testing dry roofing / waterproofing membranes.

Conductive Media Testing

Take advantage of dormant Electronic Leak Detection testing by using existing built-in conductive media/mesh.

What is Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)?

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) works by separating two opposing electrical fields with an insulator (membrane). A breach is located when the two opposing electrical fields meet via a hole in the membrane. Benefits of Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) are:

  • Accelerates construction schedule

  • Locates breaches undetectable to the naked eye with pin-point accuracy.

  • Non-Destructive

  • Cost-Effective

  • Effective on a variety of roofing/waterproofing applications including various slope types.

  • Environmentally friendly- minimal to no water required.

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