Established in 2005 as one of the first Electronic Leak Detection Firms in the United States, Honza Group Inc. is a leader in the field with over 8,000+ Projects and 200 Million+ sq. ft. tested. 

What is Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)?

Simply put... Electronic Leak Detection is one of the least destructive, environmental friendly and most accurate way to discover leaks.  As compared to the old school 'water test' method, Electronic Leak Detection just out performs.

  • Locates breaches undetectable to the naked eye
  • Accelerates construction schedule
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Non-Destructive
  • Slope friendly on roofs
  • Environmental friendly - minimal to no water used

Electronic Leak Detection Testing Methods

There are several different methods of Electronic Leak Detection.  Job Site Conditions dictate what method should be used.  

Low Voltage / Wet Testing


High Voltage / Dry Testing


Testing Through Overburden


Conductive Media Testing


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